Emancipatory Pedagogy - Open Forum

ATTENTION: Due to the large turnout, we would like to inform those interested that the pre-registration list is closed, as there are no more available places. In case of cancellations, a new availability will be announced, by updating the event on facebook.
Thank you very much for your interest and we hope to have you with us at a future event
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Emancipatory Pedagogy - Open Forum
On Sunday April 14th EUDEC Greece  organizes an Open Forum on "Emancipatory Pedagogy". This event is hosted at Serafio of the Municipality of Athens (Piraeus & Petrou Ralli) from 2:30 pm to 8:30 pm.
Our distinguished guests are:
  • Peter Gray research professor of psychology, specializing in developmental and evolutionary psychology and education
'What is self directed education? "
  • Yiorgos Moschos, former Ombudsman for children and founding member of IN.ART.12.(“InArt12”)
“Educating and supporting children to consult and participate in decision making. Experiences and suggestions"
  • Yaacov Hecht educator and world pioneer of democratic education, learning theory and social change.
"Democratic Education - the missing piece from the complex puzzle, which is the Democratic State. What is happening in Greece?" - teleconference
'Emancipatory Pedagogy in Greece'
“Τι έχουμε καταφέρει με την προώθηση της Παιδαγωγικής Φρενέ στην Ελλάδα;”
  • Derry Hannam 'Human link' between the Democratic Education movement and Public education systems around the world
  • "The role of the principal in the 'bottom-up' escalation of democratization from the classroom to the whole school" - teleconference
  • Kalliroi Dinipoulou former schools councelor, Psychologist - Psychotherapist "Child, education, field of love"
  • 'Polichromo Scholio' (Rainbow School) (Petros Spapountzakis)
We are active throughout Greece to promote Democratic Education and support initiatives and people engaged in improving the existing educational model and/or creating new ones. We also help them network.
We aim to include ventures and individuals working for education reform based on the principles of Democratic Education as defined internationally.
That is, education based on two fundamental principles:
  1. the equality, co-responsibility and cooperation of teachers and pupils as to how the school works
  2. the right of students to freely choose the content, manner and pace of their learning
Our vision is the harmonious coexistence between people of all ages, beyond cultural, economic, academic, geographical, social, physical dividing lines.
EUDEC Greece's main goal is "change from within" in public education. Our approach does not exclude the areas of private and self-managed education and we believe in the value of coherence and coordination between them where possible. We are looking for ways to avoid the ideology of the "opposing factions" and we are moving towards a holistic approach to the problems concerning minors in our country.
Fruitful and productive dialogue, the creative disagreement, the harmonious polyphony, are encouraging sources for finding solutions and producing ideas outside of the given norm.
In the Open Forum, the dialogue between the participants will be favored. In addition to our guest's positions, we will have time for open discussions and experiential topics. We will also deal with the possibilities of cooperation beyond ideological differences towards the practical and immediate evolution of the Greek education system towards emancipatory pedagogy.
This forum is open to everyone.
We will be happy to welcome students of all levels, teachers, educators, researchers, parents, ventures and anyone guided by trust in the growing person.
It is part of a series of events in a coordinated international effort to reform education in Greece.
The project is called "Freedom to Learn -International cooperation for self-directed education and Democratic Education in Greece". It includes cooperation and coordination between experts in the field of educational reform from around the world, the interconnection of projects inside and outside Greece, workshops, conferences, exchanges and trainings.
Through this Open Forum, we want participants to understand deeply and experientially what kind of education exists within a democratic framework of learning and self-directed education and the goals of this international cooperation.
We hope that this meeting will be the beginning of a series of meetings of ideas and opinions that usually remain on opposite banks of reasoning and positioning.
We hope that in this meeting and in the next we will sit in circles of people of all ages representing views that rarely meet each other.

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